Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays!

Today, I am grateful for those men and women who are willing to lay down thier lives for our freedoms.  Although I strongly disagree with our Canadian Men and Women being in Afghanistan, I am 100% behind our troops.  Canada has lost 157 Men and Women in this conflict.   The Portraits of Honour Tour was here, and I took some photos.  This Tour is crossing Canada, so that as many Canadians as possible will have the priviledge of looking at it.  It hopes to touch the Hometown of every soldier that we have lost.

May God Bless Each of these young people, and hold in his hands, thier families, giving them strength and aiding them as they mourn thier loved one.

This post clearly shows the needless losses of War, as Gary has mentioned in our posts in "The War Series"

For more information on this Tour, follow the link below:

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