Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays!

On This Thankful Tuesday, I am thankful for Family.  No matter how far apart you are, or how close you are, family is always there.  I grew up in a large family, 4 brothers, 3sisters, and later in life we aquired a step sister, when Mom remarried.  Our home life was always interesting, to say the least, and today I share with you a story I remember from my young days.  I hope you enjoy.

Buffalo Meat
The baby was still sleeping but 14 year old Joost didn’t care.  It was “HIS” baby, his job to take care of him.  So when Joost returned from school each day, he always ran to the baby’s crib to get the baby.
The baby’s crib was in Mom’s room, across from the bathroom.  Joost walked in, and plucked the baby out of the crib.  Baby Greg woke immediately and started to coo at his big brother.  Mom however, was not quite as forgiving.  She had just gotten Greg to sleep as he had been up most of the day, fussing because of the new tooth he had just started cutting.
Mom had asked Joost again and again, not to just run in when he came home from school, and pick up the baby, to ask first.  Those requests had fallen on deaf ears, for when it came to Greg, nothing would deter Joost from, as he would say, “taking care of my little brother.”  Mom thought to herself she would have to take a different tactic to get Joost to understand.
Having 7 kids, and working part time as a registered nurse, since Greg had been born, was often frustrating.  She was a good mom, and usually very patient.  When she did lose her patience, her temper was more often laced with silly humour than with actual fear.  She would tell us, “I am going to trade you to the Indians, for buffalo meat.”  This was a threat we all took quite seriously, for one day after loosing her temper with Wilma, (the oldest) she packed us all up the in Chevy station wagon and drove us out to the Indian reservation.  We then had dinner with Dan George, and his family.  (We didn’t know then, that Mom had been friends with them for over 5 years)  Following dinner, they offered Mom some buffalo meat to take home, and we all quaked in fear, wondering which of us she would trade to him for it.  We collectively let out a huge sigh of relief when each of us was allowed back into the station wagon to come home. 
Mom knew she must be creative in getting Joost to understand about asking permission to get the baby up if he was sleeping, following his return from school. 
The following day, just before school let out, she took the baby buggy, and placed it in the front hallway closet.  As kids we were not allowed to use the front door, we had to enter through the side door, so she knew Joost would not notice the buggy in the front hall closet.  Then she placed Greg in the buggy for his nap.  After one more chore, she sat and waited for Joost to come home from school.
As usual Joost came storming in, stripped off his coat and shoes and ran to the baby’s crib to get Greg.  When he got there, the crib was empty.  Thinking Mom had Greg in the living room, Joost ran there, and stopped short when he saw Mom on the couch reading the newspaper. 
“Where’s Greg?” Joost asked.
“Oh I sold him to the Indians for buffalo meat this afternoon,” Mom replied coolly.
“You did not.  Where is he?”  Joost did not believe she would sell the baby.
Handing Joost the key to the deep freeze, Mom said, “Here is the key to the deep freezer, you go look for yourself.”
Grabbing the key, Joost ran down the back stairs to the basement, and opened the deep freeze.  There lying right on top, was what Joost thought was the hind quarter of a buffalo .  He screamed!  Mom had wrapped her fake fur coat, which was brown and had very long hair on it, in a drycleaners bag, and then placed the wrapped coat in the deep freezer, in the basement. 
His scream of course awakened Greg who had slept obliviously through all the commotion.  Joost found him in the front hall closet.  Mom then told him that he was NOT to run to the baby’s crib and pluck him out without permission any more. 
From that day forward Joost always asked if he could get the baby.
PS:  This is a true story from my youth.  I hope you enjoyed reading it as much I enjoy the memory. KNR
©2010 Kitty N Roy

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On this Thankful Tuesday, I am so grateful for each and every meal, laid before me.

The Hands of Love

Whether I must prepare it myself, or it is prepared for me, by my husband, or some restuarant, I am grateful. 
I think of those who are lucky to eat once a day, and I pray for thier needs to be met.
We live in a blessed society where often times, pets eat better than some children, who have naught.

I thank God daily for each of my meals, and pray that no human goes hungry.  Please pray for those whose homelands are in turmoil, and for those who just don't have enough to survive another day.

Leave a comment sharing what you are grateful for, and/or with your prayers for those who are going to sleep hungry this eve.

Reach out with sincerity,
From the Lord of the Heavens above.
His Love is Hope for Humanity,
A circle of Saints each do pray,
To cast out tyranny and fear,
As Revelation teaches us to obey.
To disobey cast many a tear,
The wish of God’s Love to sustain,
And with the will our hearts we give,
As prayer decreases the pain,
With the Holy Spirit we live.

We give thanks to the Lord,
With all His gifts we give Him praise,
For He is the King of Kings in one accord.
As the meek and the poor He says,
Will inherit the earth with His Word.
The Comforter has come for us to rest,
To have faith and strength to see,
That the Alpha and Omega His quest,
To return the quick and the dead supernally.

Please come oh Lord we anxiously await,
To receive your Love and Grace,
For this known world is human fate,
As all our eyes wish to see Your face.
We are the living hands of Your Love,
For you are the God of all God’s,
Upon Your Throne in Heaven above,
Within our hearts above the clouds.

©1997, Gary B. Roy

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays!

It is Tuesday agan and time to share what I am thankful for. This week, I am grateful for God watching over us as we travel back and forth to London, and on all our journeys, long or short.  We have been so blessed in our bi-monthly journey, having sunshine to travel by, even in the dead of winter.  This year, with all the blizzards in  SW Ontario, we are extremely grateful for God's hand guiding us and keeping us safe.

Please leave a comment with what you are grateful for today.


One Wish
Many a blunder roar,
Much like a thunder.
Many amiss echoes a wish.
A wish to be free,
With happiness joy and glee.

Lightning scatters mystically controlled,
As the thunder battles the sky as told.
The blunders roar upon the shore,
One wish – Mankind, sin no more.

The winds whisk to and fro,
Direction we do not know.
Grasp the wind, to hold so tight,
Look gazing bewildering might.

Trees smile of each do lean,
Not knowing, not caring of the wind not seen.
For I am a grain of sand,
Upon the ocean shore.

© 2002, Gary B. Roy

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays!

    I thought I would start a new tradition here at Seeds of Life, Songs of Life and institute "Thankful Tuesdays" to remind myself, and all those who read Gary's and My Blog, of all God's wonderful gifts and to be thankful for them.
    In a dream I had last night, it was placed upon my heart, to share how grateful I am for Clean water.  I dreamt of children in Haiti, in Africa, of immigrants in Eygpt forced to flee to UN camps in Tunsia, where clean drinking water is in high demand, and low supply.  I also dreamt of those whose homes have been flooded out, whose entire life is washed away, where all the clean water they once depended on is now gone.

     Those of us living in a free society, take clean water for granted.  We drink fresh water, use it to cook our food, wash our dishes, clean our teeth, wash our clothes, feed our pets, even water our grass or wash our cars, and fill our swimming pools, without a second thought.

     So, today, I thank God for water, that life giving essence, that we all take for granted.

     Please share what you are grateful for today.

Gary's story "The Sandcastle" made me think of how lucky we are, as our children frolic on the beach, with no care of what is happening in the world around them.  Oh, if only all children could frolic without such cares.


The Sandcastle

Let the children of the world be free, to build the visions in their hearts.  Take them to the ocean shore and watch them build sandcastles, a fortress inside their hearts.  Let the sparkling waters drift upon their fortress after building the moat around their castle.

Within the clouded sky the winds appear, the waters quicken, relentlessly washing away their kingdom.  Witnessing a loving of their castle, their creation, watching the water advance.  They will then stand up and destroy their creation, jumping up and down, flattening their art.  The sand castles will fall by their own desire before allowing nature to destroy it.  Many will try to preserve what they have created for they are proud of their work.

It is not our teaching of our children who observe their makings of their worlds and wish to destroy their creations by themselves and do not want any other child to destroy their work.  Their dreams inside their hearts, only they must destroy.  Let their dreams form within the fortress within.  Let us not teach our children destruction, but allow them to understand their own human nature by learning to preserve their creations, to create for God and man and themselves.
Destruction is of darkness and creation is light.  Let us teach our children of the light which forms their sandcastles with the sunshine which preserves them.  Let the wind and rain wash away their creations, so they will know and respect that nature runs its course.  Only human nature obstructs a child’s dream as the sandcastle within their hearts reaches into the sky.  Let our children build their creations, admiring their dreams that they may understand the Fortress At Hand.

The blue skies of heaven above,
Flowers blooming, the trees surrounded,
Amidst love.
The children singing songs of praise,
Laughing, smiling, in all their ways.
The Kingdom walls a strength above.
The clouds lying about, floating through,
Lifting the true.

Having no entry, having no exit,
The King watching over all,
Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer together.
Winter refresh, turbulent shiver
Fall, blanketed with a breath.
Spring, flourishing blooming buds of
Life that sings.
Summer, preserving all creation to loosen the soil
For the winter toil producing enough for,
As many seeds, which lay about,
For all our needs.

A sparkling sun will rainbow coloured twinkle
The symbol of life dispersing a glow.
Which, a Kingdom at Hand
Shall bestow.

© 1996, Gary B. Roy